Nice trailer graphics / wraps?

We just bought our first trailer - now we’ve got to make it look good. Anyone got pics of some nice trailer wraps or graphics? Seen another trailer that looks really nice? It costs a pretty penny to get it wrapped, so we want to make sure it comes out great the first time. Pics are appreciated.

Tips? hints? Any help you can provide is appreciated!

I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for, but there was this thread last year focusing on suggestions for teams looking to get trailers, and some folks have shared images of the graphics they have added to their trailers.

Are are links to images referenced in that thread:
Team 696
Team 3946
Team 4607

Even though it doesn’t feature many images of exterior graphics, that thread has many great tips on towing, making your trailer more practical, and more. Hope this helps!

I can’t find any pictures of it, but it is in the video we posted of our school build space back when we first moved in.

You know it’s bad for your Imagery Award chances when the team’s trailer is the tamest part of ROBOTZ Garage’s branding.

I don’t have any specific pictures, but I can say that a trick I’ve heard is to paint your team’s number on top of the trailer. That way, it can be found from above in case it gets stolen.

Something on the roof is definitely beneficial for making it something to spot from above. I’ve heard some people go with the trailer’s license plate (after all, if the trailer was jacked the cops probably have that), but something big and obvious is absolutely better than a plain roof.

I see our trailer was linked in the first reply post! What we did there was to get ideas from the team to put together a concept, then let a local wrap artist (who just happened to live next door to one of our members at the time, less than a mile from the school) run with it. We purchased the trailer from a dealer located less than three miles from the school at a significant discount. As I recall, we suggested some some tweaks to the graphics concept, but they were of the “make this a bit bigger and that a bit smaller” variety; overall, we let the pro artist do his stuff. We got the grant money for the trailer from Ingersoll Rand Foundation after the start of 2015 build season, and thanks to having quotes up front to support the grant request, we were able to drive the wrapped trailer to St. Louis for CMP! We plan to update our sponsor panel (front wedges) and tailgate this year, and will likely re-do the sides in a year or two to keep it fresh.

Here is ours.

Team 4564, Orange Chaos, has a really nice design, maybe someone from that team could post a picture of it?

We just purchased a trailer this summer. We thought about getting a full wrap, but with the high cost we got a colored trailer and put vinyl graphics on it. We brought ideas to a local graphics company and he sent several variations back. We still have to work out the sponsorship decals, but most of it is done. The rear graphics of the trailer are done in a reflective material, and the gears across the side look like brushed aluminum.

TORC Trailer.

A couple of notes, so if you want actual pictures, be sure to check with school admin on content, we were not allowed to have any students. We went with the robots of the past.

Also our tailgate we sell sponsor space to our local businesses to support the team. We ask them to re-up every two years, and we replace the that panel only.

1296 has a new trailer and wrap. Best picture I could find:

We chose large decals instead of a wrap, so we could change them out if needed.

Some things to consider including -

Team name
Team number
Team Logo
The words “FIRST Robotics Team”
Your school
City & State
Major Sponsors and Logo (make sure they agree to use of the logo)

We have our team number on the roof in large block letters.

I always love seeing all the trailers at FRC events and similar events…
However one thing to consider, anytime you decorate a trailer with a wrap you are advertising what it has inside. i.e. high-end Electronics, robotics, computers, etc. At car shows I have seen trailers with a wrap of the car on the trailer.
Google “first FRC trailer stolen” unfortunately there are numerous heartbreaking stories.

Even when we go to competitions we purposely back our buses up bumper to bumper so no one can get into the backs of them.

If you do get a trailer make sure you back it up till you’re either touching another vehicle or touching a telephone pole or guard rail. I would also suggest you park a car on either side of it so that way a person can’t lift it off the ball hitch and pivot it onto a getaway truck. There is no such thing as a lock that can truly prevent a trailer theft.

I would take the money that you would have used for the wrap and buy a couple of 55in LCD screens and customize the inside of the trailer.


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Thank You for your time.