Nice weather today, no snow in sight

Today’s forecast for Adelaide, where we are based predicts temperature of 45C or 113F. Possibly will go higher
Nice robot building conditions.

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In Illinois it is 20F and has been snowing the past week.

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With the right lens, you could probably start welding your frame.

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Air temperature sensor on the cooling tower air intake at work reads 46.8C.

Lucky. Next week in mid-western Michigan it will get down to -15 F supposedly. We’ve already had a few sub zero days and and lot of snow, ice and slush.

Be careful, mate. If your toes get hot and start sweating, you could lose your grip on the ground and fall right up through the atmosphere into DEEP SPACE.

Risky, being on the bottom of the world.


At what point is it a heating tower?

Water temperature at nice 24.3C degrees.

This water is cooling ammonia condensers for a decent size refrigeration plant.

When designing the refrigeration system I have over-sized it by a good safety factor as temperatures above 43C are not unusual here.

First time we have over 46C and it keeps working well.
We also have a RH of 9% and Dew Point of 4.6C.

In the last four days we have had 20F and 8" of snow, to -15F at night then 8F during the day, followed by 30F and freezing rain, followed by 35F and rain, now back to clear and 29F.

The schools and colleges have been closed for two days.

Perfect weather for building a robot if you can get to the build site. :grin: