Nicknames for team members

almost all of us have nicknames for our bots. I was just wondering if u guys out there had nicknames for members on ur teams… i was just sitting in french thinking of this…

we at 384 have quite a few nicknames…

Clarke, our coach (Chainsaw)
scott… our driver ( sunshine)
We have like 3 buddahs

my buddy neeraj’s alias is “Crazy Taxi” , and if u ever get a ride with him u will know Why…
we also have a Bear.

Joseph, u would know better, why don’t u add to this list

im eager to hear ur responses, s’il vous plait, it would make this class much more interesting… au revoir. chao :smiley:

urs truly "H-TOWN: :wink:

this doesnt belong in the general forum, and there is already a thread like this in the chit chat forum

Search before you post

Well, 190 actually has an official policy of nicknaming team members. Every Saturday night during the build season, and after every competition, we play a rousing game of Crud. However, everyone playing must be called by their “Crud name,” instead of their real name. If someone present doesn’t have a Crud name, a quorum of the named players will come up with one for them (although the final decision rests with the one we call Black Hole).

Crud names traditionally are no more than two syllables long, are somewhat demeaning, and have some connection to a person’s personality, appearance, or past behavior. For example, my Crud name is “Luzer.” I’ll leave it up to the other members of 190 who post here to reveal theirs.

My old team (992) had nicknames as well that went on the back of our t-shirts, but they were an optional thing (although a majority of the team did chose to have a nickname).