Just a random thought/curiosity that entered my mind…

What does everyone here call their robotics teams? I don’t mean ‘I am from team 334’ type of stuff, I mean, just in casual conversation, like explaining to your mom that the reason you were home five hours late was because you were at ‘big robo’? I don’t mean what the team generally calls it, but what do you call it?

Just curious to see how trends change across the nation and world… or if everyone just calls it ‘robo’ or ‘robotics’. -snickers-

You mean to tell me that your parents are still awake by the time you get home from meetings? :slight_smile:


Um… -tries to think of something else to say to give this post some content-



Yeah, they tend to be awake… parents don’t usually go to bed 'till about one AM…


Do you guys get home only at one or two AM? -has yet to manage to do that, since they usually kick them out of the school by then-

We call it robotics, but we also have our joke name the Gatro-Bots. One of our engineers missed spelled Gator-Bots, our actually name, and it stuck. So we call the camera Gatro vision and other things Gatro-blank.

Usually we just call ourselves by our name, Cyber Blue, or we call ourselves “robotics” like savage301’s team. Occasionally we call ourselves “team 234,” but that’s not very often.

“I’m with the crazy botics kids”

That about covers it.

I mix it up. Sometimes it’s QC Elite, others is Team 648. If it’s formal then QC Elite FIRST Robotics Team # 648. Whew. I like that one. LOL. All in one shot.