Nidec - All for Dreams

Here at the FIRST Houston Championship, we have enjoyed the best thing in robotics since wheels, the Nidec brushless motor. We have embarked on many adventures with this motor, and have taken on their motto, All for Dreams.

Our Nidec is so scratched up due to our love and extensive use of the motor, having run it for over 20,000 hours at the rated torque. (Then dropping it from 3 feet onto tile.)

What great memories!

May the Nidec stall in peace (piece?)…

I’m so done… This is hilarious oh my lord.

I am so glad this happened.


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I attempted this with a 775pro and it just caught on fire and disintegrated into brush dust. Nidec truly makes a better product.

I attempted this with the redline and it did the exact same thing two years later!

Could you compare the color of the flames?

They were all black.


Now this is a meme thread I can get behind.

What was this shot on?

All images were shot on an iPhone 8, if you want the non condensed versions of all of the images, remove the l before the .jpg in the image link to get the best quality.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

This thread on CD is a nice thing. :slight_smile:

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