Nidec- All for Memes

We are back with the latest progress in the forefront in FRC brushless motor technology. After weeks of hard work and fumes, deusXmachinist, a 900 alum, has completed this wonderful masterpiece to pay tribute to this step forward in FRC history.

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For some context…

I see you do watercolors

Actually, it’s an oil painting.


Yeah, it’s hard to tell because the image is cropped but this is legitimate oil painting on canvas. I thought I knew the lengths my students would go… this has set a new standard.

Also, the awesome student who painted this is soon to be at CMU so wooooo! :slight_smile:

But was the painting brushless?

Also, enjoy this close runner-up which isn’t quite “brushless”, but it is hilariously from old YouTube.

Nidec motors don’t fail, they just have happy accidents.

Can I commission one of these paintings? Or at least a print?

Hi, I’m the artist who did that painting! I’d totally be down to do more, just dm me and I’ll see what I can do.

I strive to make my paintings brushless, just like the hip FRC technology.

It looks even better in person that in the post.