Night & Day

(1) Victor and (4) Jaguars came with the 2009 Control System.
Side-by-side size comparison

I wonder what the difference is on the digital output of the dig. sidecar between the victor pwm VI and the jaguar pwm VI. If someone could check this with an o-scope that would be pretty cool.

I believe one difference is the Victor update (PWM Frequency) is 50 Hz as apposed to 100Hz for the Jaguar.

correct - update rates
Servo 20ms
Victor 10ms
Jaguar 5ms

I wonder if the Jaguar has to be calibrated like the victor. First thing we should test is if the ‘neutral’ of the Jaguar is truly 127. There’s a ‘calibrating a victor’ thread around here somewhere and I won’t have a chance to even ask our team to do it until Tuesday.

Calibrate, With it’s mini-computer like size, it should calibrate and program itself. LOL

According to Luminary Micro’s getting started doc for the Jaguars, the answer is no…

You can see for yourself with the data posted on the official FIRST forum: The victor is obviously off center, while the jaguar is not.

The Jaguar pulses are faster and longer, to get updates quicker with more resolution. You can also calibrate the Jaguar to the Victor pulse widths.

Remember, we are in floating point math now:
1.0 is forward
0.0 is stop
-1.0 is reverse

so, that means we wont have any delay?(it uses wifi to communicate with the OI right? so does this mean it will have a faster reponse then the victors?)

Looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to get to try them out with the new control system

The only downfall as stated earlier is its size compared to the victors. Now that you get an actual pic side by side, that has huge ramifications on the amount of additional space you need to run them.
At least they are CHEAPER for now…:cool:

The cheaper price will remain throughout the 2009 season according to Luminary Micro if you use the proper link. See post here for info:

I was thinking about it, the size isn’t toooo bad. Life is fun of obstacles, finding a path around them is all the fun.

How much more does the Jaguar wiegh then the victor?

I have to say, I’m not too thrilled about having to pack these suckers into our robot… In the past, electronics have already been a squeeze. We shall see, though.

On the plus side, it seems like it will be slightly harder for us to drop shavings and chips onto the H bridge, and fry them! This is good, because high school students seem to have an impressive ability to fry any electronic system you put in front of them…

Jaguars and Victos weigh approximately the same. I know from holding them and comparing; there is no noticable difference unless you put it on a very accurate scale.

I simply cannot get over the size difference. I’m really not a complainer, but having controls aspects adding more weight, and taking up more space, on the robot is not exactly something I am looking forward to. I guess we’ll just need to not put as much mechanical stuff on inorder to make weight and size.

It depends on the limits this year. I’m sure they’ll take the new system into consideration when making the rules this season.

I have a strong feeling the limits will remain under the size of a standard door. A standard door is 36" wide and you have to leave room for the door itself and the doorstop (the thin slat that sticks out from the jamb on the side opposite the hinges). With bumpers added on each side of the 28" that was the max width last year you are already pushing up very close to that.

I suppose they could add to the length though.