niimaq.h and NI-IMAQ MISSING


I have an NI Vision Assistant “script” which generated PC-C code for us. It will be using the Axis to acquire images. In the main.c file, it does:

#include “niimaq.h”

I cannot find this file anywhere. :frowning:

I have seen mention of the NI-IMAQ product being in Program_Files\National_Instruments\NI-IMAQ but our computers do NOT have that directory.

It seems we are missing a download/installer. Where do we get this?


Talking about NI Vision Assistant, when I run it, it popped up the licensing dialog. If I clicked “Activate”, it gave me the error “An unexpected licensing error has occurred, contact National Instrument support blah blah blah”. So the question: is NI Vision Assistant part of the NI licensing like LabView or do we have to pay extra for this license? BTW, what does this tool do?

I do not have the answer to the activation question, however I do know what the Vision Assistant does.

From my experience with it I have figured out that:

  1. It is as it says it is, a Vision Assistant. You can import a photo, and perform all sorts of processing to the image.
  2. It is written in LabView, which means that all of the image processing “methods” that it uses are exactly the same as the robot will use if it were programming in LabView. This means that you can easily calculate threshold vales and such on the computer, and then just apply the changes in code. This further supports number 1.
  3. It can stream video from the Axis Camera and upon one’s command it will save the frame, so you can perform the vision processing on the actual image that the robot will be receiving.

So far the only reason that I have used it is to hook up a camera to a laptop running the Vision Assistant, stream the video and save the frame. Get new threshold values and settings and then I was easily able to just change some parameters and variables in code with C++.