Ninjineers Video #2

Check out our latest video of the robot, this time including the truss and goal. Enjoy!

How is the ball being pushed into the shooter wheels? Pneumatic piston?

Yup, with a 3/4" bore 8" stroke Bimba cylinder.

What have you guys done to make sure that the ball fabric doesn’t rip?

We initially had a lot of problems with this. We switched to the white treaded AndyMark wheels which are pretty soft, and ground down each edge of the wheel to give it a more rounded shape.

Does the pneumatic cylinder shoot the ball alone?

I definitely just had a why didn’t I think of that moment.

How far are you guys shooting from?

The pneumatic cylinder is the only action pushing the ball into the four shooter wheels at the ends of the arms.

We can shoot from about 20 feet away or closer. The last two clips in the video also show us passing from the goalie zone over the truss, so that we can play offense and defense simultaneously.