Nippon Denso Window Motor Specs

Anyone got the motor specs or a link to them for the Nippon Denso Window motor?
Ie stall torque and other usefull pieces of information?

I am working on it.


sounds good, will wait for your response.

Well I think I have just met the most unresponsive motor supplier to date.

I was told I would have some answer 2 days ago and still no response.


To date, I have only confirmed the drill motor, Globe, F-P, & Chiaphua motors.

*Originally posted by Paul Copioli *
**…To date, I have only confirmed the drill motor, Globe, F-P, & Chiaphua motors. **

Do you have these up and ready yet Paul? Thanks for all your help…

I will start a new thread under motors to give out the info, but the F-P excel sheet is in the Motors forum already. Look here:


How’s the Denso motor specs coming along?

I just received the specs (by fax) from Denso. I take back my derogatory post above. Mr. Carl Vaugh at Denso had to search the archives for our motor, which is quite a few years old. Thank-you. Right now I am reading through a 12 page Ford Spec on the motor and trying to pull out the motor data. I will reproduce the drawing with all the mounting dimensions and upload it in the morning.

The Torque-Speed curve did not come through in the Fax, so I will get with Carl in the morning to clarify.

Once again, thank-you Carl.



For those interested in purchasing window lift hardware that goes with the denso motor it would be useful to know the make (apparently ford) model and year(s) that they were used. Did that info come to you? If not, do you think your contact can get it?



I was wondering if anyone did get these specs, we cant find the window motor specs anywhere, i would greatly appreciate it if you could send them possibly to my email at


Hey Paul

Whatever happened to you uploading the window motor specs? If you did, it would be alot of help for my team. Also, I am thinking of using either the window motor or the globe motor to power a grabbing mechanism, but I need a motor which will stay in a position when it is put there, so that when I take off the power, it will not drop the box. I have to take off the power because if I dont, it will be operating in stall conditions, which will burn out the motor, or so I think…



Here is what I have so far from the manufacturer (these are really old motors and finding the specs has been challenging):

Stall Torque = 5 -m
Free Speed = 95 RPM
Free current = 2.8 amps

I hope this helps.

We have also done testing on the backdriveability of these things. With the power turned off and using a 1" shaft directly coupled to the motor to wind up a string, the motor would not backdrive using 300lbs of weight.


I had a typo that I did not catch (I could not read the print that I had very well). To summarize the info from FIRST:

Stall Torque = 9.3 N-m
Free Speed = 92 RPM
Free Current = 2.5 amps
Stall Current = 25 amps

This is at 12.6 volts.


Anyone found a source for purchasing window motors yet?

Or a part number to order through a dealer?