Nitpicking the FMS display/overlay

I really like how the FMS display has evolved over the years. Quite a bit of info is put into a pretty small screen area.

I noticed a few things on the FMS overlay used during matches - anyone know how to get this to the right person in NH?

  1. Progress bar during timeouts - In past years, the match timer progress bar was also used for timeouts. It is again this year, but there is a bug where only the last 15 seconds of the timeout fill the autonomous section of the bar. the preceding 585 seconds of the timeout don’t have any progress style indication, and the remaining 88% of the progress bar isn’t used. It should probably also turn yellow for the last minute of the timeout.

  2. Progress bar during endgame - The progress bar turns yellow at 30 seconds remaining, which is nice, but the shaded area at the end of the bar is only 15 seconds wide. I believe this relates to an earlier game where the end-game was the last 15 seconds of the match. This shaded region should be removed or lengthened/altered to match the end-game time each year.

  3. Elimination bracket font - This font is way hard to read. Perhaps it can be altered or bolded?

  4. Progress bar time font color. The Black text is hard to read in the time where the green fills behind it (~70 seconds remaining) until end-game, where the bar is yellow.

  5. Scores above 200 don’t quite fit in the main score window. I think this should not be fixed, since scores over 200 are awesome and break out of the box.

  6. Alliance selection at large regionals - the Available team list falls off the side of the screen. Maybe this can be detected and some column spacing adjusted until enough teams are picked?

Anything else we can add to this?