One of the things we missed last year and this year is an opportunity to meet other teams. We are however in a group with some amazing other teams from all over the country, California, Michigan, Texas, others as well as over the world, Turkey, Croatia, Canada, Mexico…

The Lakerbots (8046) from Meredith, NH would love to hear how things are going this year and more about your team.

Our hope is that some teams post a hello here and perhaps we can build some relationships with other teams. Arrange a t-shirt swap, exchange pins, an online video call… the possibilities are endless.

We particularly enjoy Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts at the end of our meetings… what traditions do you have?


In a way, these groupings may be the closest thing there is to a regional/district suite of teams this year. This is a good idea.

Greetings 8046! I’m Head Coach of Quasics (2656) from Monroeville PA, just east of Pittsburgh. We are doing the IR@Home robot challenges as well as the Game Design Challenge. We also submitted for the Chairman’s Award in the UORR and have our interview this Friday at 16:00.

Our workshop has a not-so-secret shelf full of Mt. Dew and we have an alligator dressed as Batman (Bat-Gator!) who serves as our team mascot and keeps our robots safe!


Nice to hear from you Sean!