nivision linking error

we were testing AVI saving to harddrive, but the linker is saying unresolved symbols: imaqCreateAVI, imaqCloseAVI, ImaqWriteAVIFrame. we have other nivision functions, like imaqCreateImage, but they are not throwing errors. It seems to be connected something with the AVI but not the nivision as a whole.

I haven’t tried to use the AVI functions on the cRIO. It is possible that the RIO version of the libraries do not support the AVI functions.

Greg McKaskle

then why would the AVI functions be in a file you can include, nivision.h, that you can actually see that they are there

The nivision library was only made available on PPC targets for the FRC controller. Ideally there wouldn’t be anything in the nivision.h that wasn’t actually compiled into the lib, but it is a possibility that those feature were difficult to complete on nonWindows OSes.

Greg McKaskle

ok, but is there any way to fix this? we can save single images fine (png’s) no linking error.