NJ- How did we do?

ON behalf of “Big Mike” and myself, we would like to know what you, the audience, thought of our inagural (I know that’s not the word I’m looking for but it sounds good) roles at Trenton. Mike being the EmCee in training and myself behind the mic calling the play by play.

I know I’m open to any and all criticsms, but I’m not sure about Mike. So what did you like? What didn’t you like? What could we have done better? Your input is greatly appreciated seeing as how we hope to continue in these at later competitions.

I think you guys did great. You kept the crowd entertained even when they were sorting out field problems and everything. Good Job.

yea let us know how we did
I’m open to all criticisms

bravo guys

Play by play was great, really loud and you sounded like you were having fun, about how many bottles of drinks did you drink, cause you were talking alot. Fabulous

Big Mike- Another outstanding job, although you could work on your dance moves a little bit, i suggest learning the Snake, but the Moon Walk could work too. Besides that, you did a great job too.

also a bonus “Great Job” to the DJ, I liked the music a whole lot.

I for one know that I constantly had a drink on the table in front of me. All in all over the three days I must’ve had 50 drinks…well maybe not that much but I am grateful that there was always something to get my throat from getting too bad. Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming.

dude, the white boy dance is great for every occasion, esspecially when you cannot dance at all :slight_smile:

yeah it is, actually on second thought, the white boy dance is great, you put on a great show.