NJ Off season competiton (MOPOJO)

Team 11 and Team 1302 are considering hosting an off season competition. It will be held most likely in the gym of the Mount Olive High School, Flanders, NJ (Team 11s stomping grounds). Our teams are located in northwestern jersey in morris and sussex counties. The event will probably occur in late summer. Before we make any major commitments we would like to hear the input of YOU, the attendees. Let us know what you think !! :smiley:

I think it would be great. Give us more information, and team 1089 would be willing to make a commitment. We’re definitely game.

thanks for the support, we really wanna get this thing together

I’m sure 303 would be interested in attending. Unfortunately I probably wont be able to attend due to college but the rest of my team would probably like to go. Now if it was early august… :wink: