NJ regional in the news

The NJ regional was on NJN this past Friday, heres a link to the web feed


the time mark for the beginning of the regional segment is 16:06

This link will be useless by this upcoming Friday, however here it is for this week…

I’m currently downloading the entire segment, and then I will send it to anyone who wants a permanent copy, or I can put it on Google Video.

Man, that guy has one sexy voice. He’s like the Barry White of tech correspondents…

Very nice video Rohoho, any more articles on what you guys did with the legislature?

Here is a downloadable copy, courtesy of Windows Movie Maker actually having a purpose in life: New Jersey Regional News Coverage


It was an awesome regional one to remember.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the news Roho.

sweet thanks for that that was an awesome regional and to team 75 congrats on winning chairmans

congrats to every1 for winning the participation medals!!!

NJbeing my first robotics competition was prob the best field trip i had, not only did i miss skool for 2 days, i had way too much fun (especially the chicken dance!!!). So yea congrats to 75 and the rookies and also the champions.

Hey!! I found us on the news! :stuck_out_tongue: (In the first match, picking up a tube and then scoring it, after scoring the keeper during auton.)

Congrats on Winning Chairmans Team 75 and great job on TIW. Ohh and Rohith i must ask how the heck did u find out the segment on NJN? Thx fior the shirt by the way!

P.S. I am also going to take this Time in Thanking Team 75 for the Polish that they gave us. Thanks to them we kept ourselves busy.

On Q104.3 this morning, Jim Kerr congratulated the entire winning alliance.