NJ Regional

Ok, everyone has told me that the NJ regional is one of the most intenst and competitive regionals that you can attend. And I’d have to agree with them. So I ask this? Where’s the love? In the regionals forum, I haven’t seen one thread dealing with the NJ regional.

So, who’s coming and what’re you gonna bring to the table? (Your usual extatic selves, or something new)

Later all

Actually, there is already a post on this:
New Jersey Regional 2005

Sorry for posting this. I must’ve just missed the original thread in my first search. Thanks for all of you that helped and good luck to everyone this year.

right about the intensity- but of course MORT knows that.

I hear that NJ is the fastest growing region in the nation this year. And we have a whole bevy of great plans for the regional.

I also would like to say that the Regional could use more adult volunteers.

Of course team 25 will be there.

WC :cool: