NJ Remote Kick off

I was just wondering who was/what teams going to be going to the NJ NJIT Remote kick off this Saturday.

Yours truly, as well as a few other representatives from the Roboraiders will be attending.

I may have some limited edition shirts to trade. Let me know if your interested.

we’ll be seeing you there.

You can count on Team 1676 being there!

1257 should be there
assuming we get our act together and find a bus
Even if we don’t, we’ll probably carpool or something.

637 will be there

I literally Cannot wait.

1626 is going to be there

we are ready to start this thing

team 223 will be there somewhere

1597 will be there :]

395 will be there too…

1155 will be there

Team 1882 Will be there.

375 will be there…

694 will be present and ready! (I wonder how many rooms they’re going to need this year…)

TEAM 2070 will be attendinggggggg!!