No 2022 NI Package Manager

I downloaded the 2022 NI FRC Game Tools, but it gives the error “A package you selected, or one of its dependencies, requires the latest version of Package Manager to continue with installation.” I tried to download the latest version of NI package manager which only goes up to 21.3.

When I start the manager it gives this error:

and then says the package is already installed

what can i do to get the new game tool, so I can reimage the roborio

You shouldn’t need the most recent version.

How are you getting to this page? On the Game Tools download page, are you hitting “download” and going forward from there? If that’s giving you issues based on your error, it looks like there’s some issue with connecting you to the latest package manager feed.

Instead, try getting the offline installer from that same page. It’ll download the entire FRC Game Tools 2022 including a compatible version of NIPM. Does that give the same error?

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it worked thank you

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