No 2023 teaser?

So is there no teaser, because there is no word of it in the calendars
Does it normally show up in the calendar, anyone know?

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Teasers don’t drop until they drop. Usually in November or December.

They also aren’t generally announced early, unless one teaser announces another.


Do you expect a multi-teaser? or just one?



In 2018-2019 the video teasers were released around Sept 12-14. Last year there were four teasers, and the first was posted Sep 29, 2021. So - 10 more days (ish) would be exactly a year. No need to panic (yet).

I’m more concerned about the Regional dates getting posted at the moment…

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Back in my day, we’d be lucky to get one hint in December–and it was generally even more cryptic than the videos.

And then there was 2008…

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“17 15 901n9 70 83 4 732241n 94m3!”

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yea to which

got you, what is the issue with the regional dates?

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SoCal is missing two regionals from the schedule, and we’re coming to registration.


Personally, still waiting on confirmation of 2 CA event dates, and registration opens Thursday. They’re cutting it a lot closer than in previous years. I bet the negotiations are getting intense.

Cali is so front loaded without confirmed San Diego and AVR dates :eyes:

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yeah I noticed no del mar, that is going to be bad. Our team goes every year

And CVR moved from Week 5 to Week 2

I’m curious now, what happened in 2008?

Hint #1 arrived by snail mail to all teams as they registered and paid. It was a small IR receiver that could work with a TV remote. As I recall @Joe_Ross was the first one to post it.*
Hint #2 was GPS coordinates for a statue of the Tortoise and the Hare in Boston.
Hint #3 was an anagram of both the manual password and the gameplay:

*Which fact had several people skeptical, due to a previous CD prank Joe had instigated. Details of that one are left to the searcher.


Why the interest in the teasers? They are unrelated to the upcoming game. Seems like a waste to expend so much production effort on something with so little utility.


Teasers are essentially advertisements. The point is to build excitement and anticipation. I’ve seen teaser trailers for movies that don’t really give any detail about the actual movie either.


I am hopefully, maybe this may be the year teasers are helpful.

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Also at least teasers just give you something to look forward to in the off season