No Bag Rules - 2020

Starting a thread now, but I think we will see some interesting discussion in regards to how the rules are written. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made changes to them between when they get released and kickoff…

My hope is that they release some info about the bag rules tonight at the teaser, or shortly there after. Given that there is only 120 days until kickoff, they should be releasing some more info here shortly.

From the FRC Blog, rules should be out the first week of September (aka within the next 3 days)


Isn’t it going to be on the 12th, not the 5th

Taken from the August 29th blog post:

The teaser for the 2020 season will be released during a special show on Twitch at 7 PM Eastern Time, Thursday, September 12. If things go as planned.

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The 12th is the teaser. The blog says that the rules would come out this week, which is not when the teaser comes out.

Fingers crossed its past 3 so I can actually read them…

though I’ll just take them today at any point just so we actually have them to look at…

Wait, the teaser release is NEXT Thursday?

There goes all my nightly plans!


It’s worth pointing out the wording of the blog post - “still on track”. To me, that sounds like an executive giving himself wiggle room to be late on delivering something :slight_smile: Still have 25 more hours before HQ closes for the weekend!


Hmm, looks like they aren’t coming today. I think HQ closed for the weekend.

See, this is confusing.

Retiring stop build/bag day was a big deal. I have to believe before making the decision they had agreement, at least roughly, on how they would replace it. That was months ago.

I hope the delay doesn’t have to do with disagreement/ internal conflict on the right way to proceed. This is a huge deal for teams. I’ve been checking often since Tuesday waiting for the rules to be released. It’s just a little frustrating to still not have this info.