no basic stamp found!

no basic stamp found! when I try to run the program to the RC any ideas?

Hmmm is the basic stamp on?? I know its obvious but you may never know.

Is this on a real RC or the EduBot? If its on the EduBot, make sure the program/tether switch is set to program. In either event, are any of the LEDs illuminated on the RC? If not, I’d try recharging your batteries.

ok it downloads to the Issac16 but not to the operator interface, is it even supposed to download to operator interface? yes its EDU

Nope. Once the program is on the RC, you are done. The OI only sends data to the RC; it doesn’t get its own program. The only time you should ever hook a computer up to the OI is if you are using the dashboard port.

We went through this today, and couldn’t find the problem for anything! Finally we discovered that the “Program/Tether” switch had broken off. So, we put it back on, and tried it again, no luck. I had left the meeting, because I had to get home in a hurry, so I don’t know the outcome of this situation. This meeting was our last…until January 4, at the kickoff.

907 had the same problem with the EDU-Bot and you know what

It was fixed by putting the darn thing on a lap and pressing against the back of the RC hard. We kept pressing ctrl-i in the basic stamp editor til it showed the basic stamp

Held the back of the RC hard as it was downloading, found if we let go the download stopped

Maybe permanent solution would be wrapping duct tape around the RC lol.

907 - Toronto, Canada
Brian Lim

Good Job Brian,

Being the Ghetto team has its advantages :slight_smile:
if something dosent work, squics it hard :slight_smile:
good job guys :slight_smile:

I should be around soon :wink: