no camera image in the dashboard

We made a new accound, downloaded Axis media control, and still in the dashboard camera image there is no picture. Does anyone know the solution to this problem.

Axis Media Control is not used with the Dashboard display.

This new account, is it on the Classmate or another PC?
If it’s on the Classmate then you should run the Driver Station there as well, just to keep things together.

If you’re running the Dashboard on a separate PC, then the Driver Station needs to specify the IP address of that other machine (on the Setup tab).

Have you installed all the latest Updates released this past Friday?

The account im talking about is the FRC/FRC for the camera. We’re running the dashboard on the driver station and we also did the updates that were posted the past friday. In the camera image box it says “timeout in camera communication”

you need to run the Axis Camera Setup Wizard to get the camera properly working. You also need to call (assuming C++ or Java) AxisCamera::GetInstance() at least once to initalize the camera feed. I believe Camera in LabVIEW does the equivalent. Camera will also only work with the default camera viewer control in the dashboard (if you are editing it)