No camera images on Driver Station

Hey Everyone. We have yet to get any feedback from the camera to the driver station. we have put on new 2010 default code onto the robot, and everything is up to date. we installed the labview updates, driver station updates, and the .dll (even though we didnt have the problem that it was suposed to fix). It also seems that we have had the same errors before and after updating everything too. Currently, the camera window in the dashboard says “Timeout in Camera Communications”. In the diagnostics window, we get errors such as “Error …] at property node …] LabVIEW VI Reference is invalid” (this error repeats over and over), and “Error …] occurred at Camera.lvlib:Issue HTTP Request With>>Camera.lvlib:READ.JPG …] Operation failed due to a communication error with the camera”. Anyone have any ideas on how we can fix this or what the problem is?


Did you reimage the cRIO after installing the LabVIEW update?

Have you configured the camera as instructed in the control system manual? Can you connect it to a computer and use a web browser to verify that it’s at the proper IP address with the FRC/FRC user defined?

Also make sure that the Driver Station update you applied actually did update the dashboard portion of the software as well, as this is the component that actually displays the camera data; several teams, ours included, are having issues with the Drivers Station portion of the software (the lower window) getting updated but the dashboard (upper portion) not being updated.

If your dashboard has updated properly, it will most notably have a “compass-like” display widget on the right side. If it does not have this, then your dashboard has not been updated. The attached screenshot shows the dashboard that will work with the 2010 Vision Demo robot code. We found that un-updated dashboards do not display the camera image as they are out of sync with the data that the vision demo robot code sends.

If yours does not look like this and you have already applied Driver Station update #1 linked from then these steps may fix it (they did for us):

  1. Uninstall the driver station software by running the setup.exe included in Driver Station update #1 and, for each component, choosing uninstall. (note there is no typical Add/Remove Programs uninstaller)
  2. Run, again, the setup.exe in Driver Station update #1 this time letting it install everything normally.

My team has updated the drive station as detailed by the FIRST website you linked to. However, we still don’t have that gauge on the right hand side that you said should be there with the update. Are we missing something? We’ve also done that missing file update on our driver station ClassMate

Okay, we can access the correct version of the driver station from Developer… but when we switch to Driver, we have a different driver station that appears on the screen. It doesn’t have camera images and it only fills up a forth of the page. What is going wrong here??

There’s a problem with the updater where it doesn’t update the dashboard properly. Follow the instructions I posted above (effectively uninstall, reinstall the update) and it should resolve it.

Yes, I did re-image the cRIO. A few times actually :slight_smile: half the time it would throw errors. it was wierd. But most recently it is formatted to the version 19 with labview image. Question, I checked the box “always run deployed code at startup” is that correct? It sounded like what I wanted.

And yes, I checked the camera from a computer and it has the username root and the password admin and its IP address is When I checked this, the camera was streaming images to the computer

Thank you. yes, the Driver station was updated, but the dashboard did not reflect that. So we followed the instructions and now it is the new Dashboard.

However, we still have the same problem :confused: It seems weird, but still, after all these updates we cannot get the camera images

Please refer to post #68. We recently we’re able to get this working and thus posted a setup summary tutorial…

One issue I see, is that you need to create an administrative username and password with FRC and FRC. Also, the dashboard needs to be installed, uninstalled and reinstalled sometimes to actually update. I hope this helps.

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Try creating a user with the name “FRC” and password “FRC”. That’s what the LabVIEW default code tries to connect to the camera with.

Thanks, but the camera already had an FRC account. I changed it to be an administrator but the problem persists.

It sounds like you’ve got the software and configuration on track, so let’s back up a bit to the hardware. How are you powering the camera? Does the light around the lens turn orange when power is applied, then go green after a short while? How are you connecting the camera to the cRIO? Is there a crossover ethernet cable (usually orange or red) between the camera and cRIO port 2? Does the green light on the cRIO ethernet port turn on? How about the yellow one? Are there any other lights visible on the camera?

yup, the camera turns on, and all indicator lights are as they are supposed to be. including the cRIO ethernet port. and yes it is a crossover cable. we are currently testing with wireshark to see if any packets are coming through at all.

I can confirm this fix.

Curiously enough, our camera fails to run on the Classmate, but will display on a remote dashboard.

Also, after attempting the update for the DS again, we no longer have the camera SECTION of the DS, but still have the Start/Stop and debug bottom section. Has anyone else had this issue? :confused: :confused:

That implies that you don’t have the properly updated dashboard on your Classmate. It’s a known issue – the installer doesn’t replace the file when it should. The fix/workaround is to run the updater once, telling it to remove the files, then run it again to install things properly.

Also, after attempting the update for the DS again, we no longer have the camera SECTION of the DS, but still have the Start/Stop and debug bottom section. Has anyone else had this issue? :confused: :confused:

The bottom section is the Driver Station application. The top section is the dashboard application. They’re separate Windows programs.

The Driver Station remembers whether you told it you want a local or remote dashboard. If you didn’t ask for a local dashboard, it won’t run it. If you want it back, make sure you tell it you want a local dashboard.

Happily enough, everything seems to be working at full capacity now!
Thank you everyone!

We’re having an issue were the green light on the cRIO port 2 does not turn on when we connect the camera to it. How can we get the port 2 to work?

Neither the cRIO nor the camera have “autosensing” Ethernet ports. You must use a crossover cable to connect them. (The one in the Kit of Parts was listed as orange, but I think ours was pink.)