No CAN Comm in PDP but Talons are still on?

Hello, while we were drive testing our robot it bumped and we lost connection. Turned out the 20 Ohm fuse blew up. After I replaced it and made sure that no cable was shorting we powered it up again only to realize we lost connection with the PDP but our Talons were blinking orange (idle position) and were still recognizeable in the PhoenixTuner. We can still drive it like normal but we won’t get past inspections and need to fix it.

I wonder if it is because of the lock mechanism (I don’t know if it has a name) which broke a little (marked in the image), unrelated with the fuse. Would be so happy if you people help us troubleshoot this issue!

Thanks again, Deha.

As near as I can tell from photo, the CAN terminal is pulled out of the circuit board. If you are only using one pair, move it to the unused CAN terminals on the PDP. That should allow you to get voltage readings from the PDP. I would check with CTRE to get a repair or replacement.