No code error on cRIO with code

We have a new 4-slot cRIO and are attempting to load the demo code onto it. The code deploys sucessfully but the new drivers station has a “no code” error. Attached are the cRIOs configuration and a screen shot of the driver’s station. Any ideas?

How are you “deploying” it? Did you Build and then Run as startup, did you Run the Robot Main vi, or did you do something else?

The cRIO is setup to run code on start up. I used the build all button and then right-clicked on the and clicked deploy

Don’t bother with the build button, just click the play button. It builds it and downloads it all in one easy step.

If you want to put code on the robot to be run on startup, don’t “deploy” anything. Right-click on the FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment build specification and choose Run as startup from the popup menu.