No Code = :(

I just updated with the new firmware and crio image. Everything was fine up until i tried to load the old programming i had done with the old firmware and now no matter how i deploy build or run the code it says no code… this is freaking me out cause i only have 1 week to get all the bugs out of the code before competition. any ideas?

another thing… it says access denied: this target is in use by another project or host computer.

i know i have to undeploy the program but how…? i’ve already tried the “unset as start up” as stated in the framework manual but it doesn’t work.

This may sound really dumb, but are you letting it download 100%, or are you pressing a button halfway throughish the download?

also, target in use by another computer usually means you stop the program on the other computer or reboot the rio.

ok… i got the access denied thing resolved and now it is letting me run the code but it doesnt do anything and it still says no code…

What version of LabVIEW did you have before the update? If it was old enough, you may have to recreate the framework and port your code.

I think i just figured it out… if i am right i make such a stupid mistake i forgot to put the new update on the programming computer… i did the reimage with my personal computer and i forgot about the dedicated programming computer. thanks joe for reminding me about the update. its installing as i type this so lets see what happens.

EDIT: That was exactly the problem… thanks for all your help.