No Comms: Drive 2020 robot with 2021 driver station?

Hello All,

My team is using a VMX-pi for a collegiate robotics competition and we just got a new driver station computer in today and we are running into issues setting it up. We are stuck on the 2020 WPI libraries because of compatibility with the VMX-pi, but we are unable to find a download for the 2020 driver station. I have the 2020 driver station on my laptop, and can drive the robot no problem. When installing the 2021 driver station on the new computer, there are no robot communications. We are directly connected with Ethernet, and can ping/ssh into the VMX-pi. On the new system we have:

  • Disabled all 3 Firewalls
  • Disabled Windows Defender
  • Disabled internal WiFi
  • Reinstalled Driver Station 2x

None of these helped. My laptop with 2020 works just fine, even with firewalls enabled, so I didn’t expect any issues on the new machine. We are considering a fresh wipe of windows, as this system has Windows 10 Education, and we are unsure if that is an issue, as my working laptop is running Windows 10 Pro.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Each year’s DriverStations are usually locked to each year’s RoboRIO Images. So I doubt this will work. Your best bet should you be unable to get a 2020 DS Install would to look into some of the Open Source DriverStation alternatives such as Conductor.

I tried OpenDS as Conductor isnt supported on Windows, and still could not connect to the robot. When I forced SmartDashboard to connect to the VMX, it worked and showed all the expected data, but was updating very slow and would pin the CPU at 100%. This behavior does not occur on my laptop.

Does anyone have a copy of the 2020 DS download that I could use?

Did you checked if you could go back to the github release of the FRC pack and get the 2020 one there? We were able to get a 2021 one there to use with one of our bot?

We have the WPI 2020 libraries from GitHub, but that does not include the driver station

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