No communication between c-RIO and non-classmate netbook

This year we’re using another netbook instead of classmate and we have some problems.
First of all I should tell, I have seen the PDF for making a non-classmate netbook to a classmate and I am done with those steps.

I start with getting started PDF and continue with “How to set up 2011 Driver Station”

but I don’t know: Do I have to make the steps in that PDF or can I just download the installation file of Driver Station which is

from NI’s website and load it to my non-classmate netbook.

Is FIRST Robotics Sofware 2011 Windows- Driver Station Update (which I give the link of it) just the update of driver station or the driver station’s installation file because when I download and install it I can open the driver station and dashboard windows.
But in the Driver Station Setting PDF you deploy the driver station and when you are updating the driver station you install the file which I give the link.