No communication with OM5P-AC Radio with DS and LabView after 2017 firmware flashed

We configured our new radio from the 2017 KOP and now there is no communication between the DS or LabView, the WiFi connection is working, but there is still no communication. We also updated the FIRMWARE on our old radios, and after the update they stopped working correctly as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Did you install the radio firmware released two days ago, version 2.14.17?

Things to try:

  • Turn off the firewall, etc.
  • Disable other network connections.
  • Disable/Enable the WiFi connection (assuming that’s what you are trying to connect with)

Did this resolve yet?

Updated radio firmware to 17.3

roboRIO is 2017v8

Firewall is off

Can ping the roboRIO through the radio. Can see roboRIO in web-dash. Drivers Station sees the roboRIO. Can run built code. When pushing Debug code over WiFi we get a - Fails to Connect to Target. Have no problems pushing code through Ethernet and USB tethers.

Last year’s radios also fail on new firmware. Reverted back to 16.2 and old radios work just fine.

We’ve got workarounds. Just perplexed and wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue. Also wanted to lend visibility to the OP.