No consyole feedback when deploying with eclipse

Whenever I try to deploy code to the ROBOrio with eclipse, I do not get anything in the console window. Also, when I build, I get the errors “Program GCC not found in PATH” and “Program G++ not found in PATH.” I was told that these errors should be ignored and are not the problem. The code will not deploy. I tried uninstalling the toolchain and the NI update, and neither of these work. Has anyone else had this issue?

So you click WPILib Deploy in the menu and you see nothing at all in the Eclipse Console?

that is correct.

Check your Riolog window. Go to Window->Show View->other…
In the resulting “Show Window” pop-up, selec “General” then “Riolog” and click “OK”. The Riolog window will show up as a tab next to the Console.
Build results still go to the console, but printf et al go to the Riolog window.

I do not believe “Program GCC not found in PATH” and “Program G++ not found in PATH.” are safe to ignore. They indicate the toolchain is not being found and without that your program is not being compiled. Try adding the path to the toolchain to your System PATH environment variable. Should be something like:


I believe this is mentioned on the ScreenStep C++ installation page somewhere.

Toolchain maintainer here: they are safe to ignore. Now if those said “arm-frc-linux-gnueabi-g++ not found in PATH” then you have an issue. We don’t create or install binaries with the strict name “g++” as that is reserved for the current system compiler and we don’t want to mess with people who have the MinGW toolchain installed for local development. If the toolchain installer does not add that to the system path, then that is a bug in the installer and please let me know.

Those errors about “gcc” and “g++” are from the base eclipse package trying to get default values for new system projects and will only cause issues if you want to develop for your local machine instead of the RoboRIO.

I stand corrected. We ran across the same errors (I think it was just the 2 errors, I don’t recall the ‘arm-frc…’ error) on one of our installs (Win7, 64 bit, non-admin user account) and found the path to be missing. When the path to the toolchain was added the errors went away. We assumed that was the cause, though it is possible something else was changed as well.