No cRio imaging tool

I installed all the labview stuff off of the given flashdrive, and yet when I go to open the cRio Imaging tool theres no such thing there! where can I find it/downoload it from???

-team 2845

You also need to install the FRC specific Updates from the FIRST KOP site.
Bottom of the page.

  1. LabVIEW Basic (USB stick from KOP)

  2. LabVIEW Update (from online:

  3. Utilities (from online:
    If your also want the Driver Station:

  4. Driver Station (from online:

  5. Microsoft Kinect SDK (online:

  6. .NET Framework 4.0 - may already be installed (online:…aspx?id=17851)
    *]Kinect Server (online:

Thank you, I’ll try this. If I have any more issues I’ll update this comment.