No Driver Station

My team recently formatted our computer with the E11 FRC USB. we got NetBeans back and all of that. But now our Driver Station is in active and disappeared. It;s not even in memory to load. Does anyone know how to fix this?

NetBeans isn’t on the E11 reload USB drive. It sounds like you might have managed to reimage the Classmate with something that wasn’t the FRC-supplied software, but I don’t have any idea how that would be possible.

Bump? Sry guys. We have no drivers interface and hadn’t noticed until we tried to fire it up last night. Any thoughts at all? When you log into “driver” in windows, it just loads a standard fresh user install and doesn’t do the kiosk mode thing where it just runs the drivers station software.

That said, korsuk19, have you followed this link? A quick online query pulled up the game station installer. We have a classmate pc, but perhaps now that it does not work, this is what will be needed:

yeah thanks, that was exactly what we needed. We needed to re-image everything.