No food coupons at Nationals?

Is it true there will be no food coupons issued this year at the Nationals?

No food coupons but if you bought a hotel package, includes all team social on Sat. night.

Don’t worry about it, the food there was not good, eating it more then one day in a row. There’s a pretty big food court about a 5 mintue walk from the competition, its food is far better then what you would get at the stadium.

On the other hand, it’s hard to hate when you can get all the Dippin’ Dots you can eat. Food of the gods, I tell you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d refer you to the thread on championship food but I don’t know where to find it. Remember to search :slight_smile:

Uh, I’d say, as long as you can find food you like, have at it. There’s some stuff to eat in the stadium, but for the most part nothing.

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Hey don’t complain, last year’s food was MUCH MUCH better than Houston. :ahh:

If only they had food like they do at our Falcons games. But I highly advise you guys to drive down to the nearest fast food restaraunt instead of paying $4.50 for a large coke.

the reason for not doing food tickets this year was because most people skipped breakfast becasue of the continental breakfasts at their individual hotels, and many teams went out to eat lunches anyways. basicly a big waste.

as a solution, food tickets where taken out and the overall price of the packages where reduced :smiley:

From what I understand,
This year the coupons were taken out as a way to decrease the package cost so teams on a smaller budget could still attend Nationals.

The OMNI Hotel food court where many teams (including 217) has quite a few restaurants and I guarantee as one who ate there last year that you will NOT go hungry.*

The stadium food IS overpriced and restaurants arent always open in the morning so it might be your best chance… but as long as you TRY and mix it up, you can eat the food for 3 days and not die completely :slight_smile:

If you are really very worried about the food… bring food with you to your hotel room and gorge yourself before entering the GA DOME and after so you dont break the food rules put in place.

The food in the Dome last year was acceptable, not the greatest and not the worst. Yes there were vendors with specialties (Dippin Dots and the roasted Pralines stands come to mind). Besides the food court at the Omni, there was a nice little breakfast nook in the building that housed the pits. They accepted the coupons last year, and their food was definitely a step above the stadium food.

We found that we had more coupons last year than we actually needed and gave our excess ones away. It’s probably better to reduce the cost this way than cutting back in other areas.

My team mates told me that the buffet in the entrance to the GWCC was very good, and acceptably priced.

Also, if you were to go in the section of the GWCC behind the GM tents, there was a nice little food court area that had pretty good food for a good price. It seemed that not many people knew about it.