No Game Simulator?

For the past two years, Diamond Bullet Studios has created a game simulation for teams to use and get a general idea of the gameplay. I heard there was going to be some sort of simulation this year, but so far I’ve seen nothing. Does anyone know what happened?

Looks like a portion of their forums have been taken over by spam…

I went digging and and they haven’t updated their Facebook Page and Blog since March and April. It seems that something happened internally.

I want to scream conspiracies about the secret end game or whatever, but I guess with them apparently going dark there’s another explanation (darn). Are they official by any chance or do they just make the FIRST game for kicks/publicity?

In the past two years they were given access to the game before kickoff to have the game made by kickoff. From that I assume that its official.

Ah, good point. Then it looks like something happened with that company then, so it doesn’t have anything to do with this year’s challenge. (or maybe it’s a ruse! hehehe)

I emailed the development team a few weeks ago asking about a possible Catalyst 2014 and received the following email in return.

Hi Spencer,

I’m sorry, but unfortunately Diamond Bullet Studios won’t be making any more FRC games. Most of us are about to graduate from college and go our separate ways, so we’re dissolving the company. I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed using Catalyst, and I hope it’s helped your team. Thank you for your interest, and I wish you luck this coming season!

Seth Greenstein
Lead Texture Artist
Diamond Bullet Studios


Maybe not as good as the DBS games, but try this:

Does anyone have the installers for the past 2 seasons? 2013, and 2012?

I can’t say much (not that i know much about it anyway), but I know there is a particular group that is working on a much more accurate game simulator that will allow you to import your CAD assemblies and such. I’m hoping we’ll see it by next year, but I have no idea on release.