No globes

i have heard that this season we will not have globe motors in the kit and that they will be replaced by a new type of motor that we’ve never seen before. has anyone else heard this?

Well, there is this thread…

I have no idea what might happen, but maybe the air-powered motors will replace the globe motors…

I think it’d be nice if they took away some of the lower and mid level motors and gave us something that was perhaps a little more powerful but with a slower free speed, which would be easier to implement into things like arms and manipulators, sort of like the van door motor is now.

Have two of those would be WONDERFUL.


.:drooling:. van door motors .:drooling:.
i would love to see the van door motors again they are a good motor that came in very useful

Bring back seat motors!

Those things are so small, torquey and easy to implement into a design… the ultimate mechanism motor.

Heck… back in the day, all they had to work with was seat motors. (Back when the walk to school was uphill both ways, in the snow.) :wink:

Whatever we get… I’ll be happy. The Globe is a good motor, but it has it’s limitations. (Ever accidently put a side-load on a globe motor? Oops!)

Almost time guys!

The Globe motors are great for certain applications. I would miss them unless they gave us another motor with a built in, dependable gearbox.

I already miss the window motors since they were self locking (could not be back driven), and this function is needed in many cases.

And, I wish they would include stepper motors in the kit.


whatever it is i hope yjeres two and theyre tourquy and lockabale
So many Uses :slight_smile:

But globes were so awesome! They can’t take away my mobile motor!

Yes… 4 times. Our basket lock in 2000 was made with a globe motor. We burned it out 4 times before someone told us they couldn’t take side loads. Once we learned that, we just fixed the side-load problem, and it never broke again. It was annoying at the time, though, according to our teacher.