No Gyroscope in KOP????


We did not get a Gyroscope in the kit of parts! We got two Acclerometers instead. Check your KOP carefully to make sure this did not happen to you!

Matters get even worst when you go to FIRST and log into TIMS to report this. They do not have the Gyroscope listed! I can’t report this because it is not listed?

What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?

I can’t believe I am the only one seeing/experiencing this.

I believe that it is possible that everyone at the Wisconsin Kickoff (WCTC) got two Acclerometers.

Whoops! The accelerometers and gyros where shipped in different boxes, but the same individual packing, making it easy to mix them up. It is likely that another team from your kickoff has two gyros. I would contact your local kickoff people and talk with them about this. Good luck!


With also going to the WCTC Kickoff we got 2 Acclerometers.

I noticed this right away and talked to Tim Skloss that was handing out the kit of parts and he went through all the boxes and they just got Acclerometers so they were giving everyone 2 of them.

Did not make sense to me

This is not an isolated incident to that Kickoff; at the Tri-C Kickoff (NE Ohio), due to the similar packaging, our team ended up with two gyros. Before anyone had figured this out, many of the teams had left. If you talk to your kickoff organizers, they should be able to help you out; ours recommended putting it in the list of missing parts, but they are also ordering them and contacting FIRST to remedy the situation.