No Hurdling Matches

I’ve been thinking and I know at some point during the year there is going to be a match where both alliances do not have a robot that can hurdle or even get a trackball off the overpass. The trackballs will score 12 points for being on the overpass at the end of the game, from rule <G14>,

[quote=<G14>]When the MATCH ends, each TRACKBALL is at least partially supported by the
OVERPASS and not in contact with any ROBOT of the same ALLIANCE will earn a 12 point

meaning that each team will get 24 total points added to their scores.

At first I thought they wouldn’t score because of rule <G12>,

[quote=<G12>]A TRACKBALL must CROSS a LANE MARKER before it can score for the first time by

But that only applies to crossing the finish lines or hurdling, and not to them setting on the overpass.

So this means that the alliance that can get the most laps, either in Hybrid or Teleoperated periods, will win. Which will be a true race to the finish! It’s going to be one of the most exciting matches to see. There aren’t going to come that often so enjoy them while you can. They will be even more rare if the random pairings for the Qualification Matches are the same as last years.

What are your thought on a match like this?

If the game becomes nothing more than a race, there are a few actual ways to overcome those that can win. One of which is what I call “Stop Go” defense.

This game is all about Tempo, and being able to mess up a robot’s Tempo can mess up an entire match.

Well, for starters they’re not using the same match algorithm as last year. This year’s should get us more varied match pairings.

A pure “stock robot race” could either be insanely boring or kind of cool depending on the variation in the robots and how they’re driven.

I predict that most first week regionals will have a bunch of no-hurdling matches…especially on Thursday…

It would be a lot better than watching a Rack N’ Roll match where none of the robots could score tubes or ramp, or watching an Aim High match where none of the robots could really score Poof Balls. At long as a team’s robot can move in Overdrive, at least they can get points as opposed to just hitting other robots.

But I’m personally waiting for the matches where every trackball is getting hurdled over the overpasses. Teams trying to hurdle the balls as quick as possible, as well as trying to scream around the field (holding the trackball) to get back to their overpass will be quite exciting.

But this is why I’ve really started to love this game. There shouldn’t be any ‘boring’ matches this year.

I agree with the 24 points per alliance. Are you looking forward to a high speed bump draft into the wall? This is the FIRST year that I am truely concerned that a robot may leave the arena, especially with people talking about 25 feet per second! They should have designed banking in the corners. At least they softened them up a little. The match will probaly go to the alliance that gets the most points in Hybrid. One Lap Hybrid being 16 points and one lap Tele being only 2 points. It will take a lot of Tele laps to overcome a Hybrid lap.

It should be an exciting match to watch, and it will give the refs a little breather! Just stay behind the plexi!

I suspect that the 12 points will be for each alliances ball on the alliances goal, so if none get taken off then 12 points.

I wish they would have baked the turns. I’d rather have the much more fun Bristol Motor Speedway than the bland flat Martinsville track.

Here is the scoring list for EACH trackballs with the first points in Hybrid and the second points in Teleoperated,

Removed from OVERPASS 8 points 0 points
On OVERPASS at end of MATCH n/a 12 points
So you would get 12 points for each of your two trackballs, which when added together equals 24 points.

I prefer my turns fried. :slight_smile:

Maybe in a couple of years well get a roller derby game, with a round, triangle, and square game pieces to mess around with!

OK, first of all, it’s driving me crazy that you spelled “banked” without the “n” (although it would be interesting to watch someone bake a batch of turns).

Other thought - yes, I do see this happening sometimes, but I can guarantee that you will not see this happening during eliminations or finals (if an alliances odes this, they will be swiftly defeated)