No IP address with DHCP on Ubuntu

Our two programmers are using Ubuntu on their laptops and neither one is getting an IP address from the router through DHCP. They have tried both wifi and ethernet with both cases showing no IPv4 address. I understand that they will also need to install Avahi to resolve mDNS but I doubt that will help with the DHCP issue.

Two different Windows 7 laptops can connect and resolve roboRIO-4057.local without problems (one is our drive station, the other is my laptop).

Any ideas or pointers?

Have you verified that the windows computers are receiving a DHCP IP address? With mDNS running, you don’t actually need a DHCP server to get communication, as both the computer and the roboRIO will self assign a link local addresses. Then using mDNS, the computer will find the roboRIO.

Ubuntu with network manager can be really picky. Most times, I have to set a static IP if I’m not given one, just to make NM see that its connected.

First, see if avahi can see other devices on the network

avahi-browse -ar

If not, try setting a static IP address on a new network connection in Network Manager. To make it simple, use Ethernet for now. Select that new network when you connect the cable. Then test again.

Look for a couple of entries that start with roboRIO-4057 or grep for them.

avahi-browse -ar | grep roboRIO