no link on bimba for FIRST

I tried to go to BIMBA and find the FIRST link as described in the pneumatics manual but I don’t see one. Anybody know where to look?

It should be here:, but it looks like Bimba hasn’t updated this page for 2009 yet (see copyright date at lower left). Keep checking this page-- the order form will become available soon.

I’m surprised-- after 48 hours, you already know what you want to order? Remember that you only get to order a limited amount of free pneumatic components.

is that possible to do?
if it is possible our team needs some help with that…please?:confused:

Last year we got pneumatic fittings including flow control valves from smc. We did not get them this year, however these valves are easily manually adjusted to control the speed of your solenoids. Maybe we will get an smc baf in the future? Anyway here is the link to the valves page 11.