No Mabuchi Motors in '06 kit?

I was torn as to whether to put this tidbit of info out there, but decided it’s only fair to share it. Besides, if it’s wrong, then you too can be as misinformed as I am.

I have it that Mabuchi has not been contacted yet to provide motors for the KOP. Since the kits get shipped this weekend, then I assume there won’t be any Mabuchi motors in it.

Care to provide a source ?? :confused:

… or at least a “credibility rating” of that information ??

mabuchi was the manufacturer of the Fisher Price motors right?

I kinda find it hard to believe that first would willingly give up a motor for no reason, normally they are trying to get more for the KOP but i guess we will see in a few weeks

Just for reference, which motors was Mabuchi behind? The only one I can remember from them was the one tiny little motor (around the size of the naked F-P) that was just shipped loose in the 2005 kit.

Last year they did the little guy and the 6v Fisher Price.

EDIT// PS: Stu! You know I have no “credibility” to provide.

Both Johnson Electric and Mabuchi supply motors for Fisher-Price vehicles, sometimes interchangeably (for F-P’s purposes, not necessarily for ours). It’s quite possible that the F-Ps this year (if present) are all Johnsons.

Maybe we won’t get any motors at all!

Rotary Pneumatics, here we come!


I say: Really Big rubber bands!


I’m afraid that rubber bands cannot be allowed since they could also be used as fasteners. As has been pointed out earlier, fasteners will not be allowed this year…

Well… so no mabuchi.
I just dissected a B&D electric screw driver and (aside from the really cool inner workings) the motor in their was a Johnson electric…

I was like… hmm… I’ve seen these before.

So… if mabuchi = Johnson… and “sources” say mabuchi is no more, the I say welcome to the Johnson Electric motors.

And, also, now I know where to get a reversible gearbox for them as well… :wink:

Johnson and Mabuchi are motor manufacturers.
They design and build motors based on specifications for a variety of products.

I.e. each has designed and built a motor for a Fisher Price power-wheels vehicle.

CIM is also a motor manufacturer. The CIM we know and love, is a slightly customized version of a motor designed for Atwood Mobile.

Just because the B-D drill uses A motor from Johnson Electric, doesn’t mean it uses the same one we’ve received in the KOP in previous seasons.

So now you know, and remember… knowing is half the battle.

I wouldn’t be sad to see that thing go (the small weak one, not the FP). I’ve never even heard of anyone using it this past year. It is only 9.4 watts, pretty weak if you ask me.

Actually, at least one team used it.

That being said, I agree. I know I won’t be crying if the little Mabuchi isn’t in the kit on January 7th.

If fasteners aren’t allowed, how are we going to hold the robots together? The frame uses bolts and I would consider bolts fasteners. :b

You’ve never heard of welding? Or cutting a slot or space for something?

It’s rather simple: you start with a block of solid and remove material until you just have the robot left. Kind of like making a sandcastle. Only harder.

Horray for knowing CAD, and CNC programming in the upcoming year.

Good luck people. :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you fix it at competitions though??? Is welding considered a fastener? :yikes:

Doesn’t the alleged rule just prohibit threaded fasteners?

J-B Weld? Although I prefer this, the elevated temp cure makes it tough to use for quick repairs in the pits :slight_smile:

Looks like we’re going to pull out our Handlheld Ultrasonic Welder. It’s been collecting dust since Clark and DJ graduated.