No MN Events?

Hi, CD! I have a small group of young girls that really want to get into FLL next year. I told their parents that we can spend a day in the Twin Cities to show them a competition and gauge interest, but when I search *( Found plenty in Wisconsin, but the Twin Cities are geographically closer than any of the Wisconsin competitions.

Are there any FLL events in Minnesota in the next few months?*

High Tech Kids runs FLL here in MN, their website has some dates and locations listed:

I don’t know why those aren’t on the FIRST website, though.

Can’t believe I forgot about HTK, thanks Jon!

It may be worth noting that the 11/12 Eagan and 11/19 Eden Prairie tournaments will be coinciding with FTC tournaments. The 11/19 Prior Lake will be coinciding with an off season FRC event.