No more 'fat dads' :(

At least I don’t think so. At Mid-Atlantic J&J, there used to be places down the street that had sandwiches called ‘fat dads’…they were oh so good! I forget what the booths were called but it’s the type of thing you see at a fair that sells food. They were just parked in an empty lot. Now I think the new venue won’t have them :frowning: Maybe I can get ahold of the guys who owned the things and get them to move :smiley:

ohh… darn… that sucks… I loved the ‘fat cats’… I would get them on Thursdays, and they would be my last meal until the following Sunday afternoon, because I would get so sick at competition from the stress and nervousness.

anyone from the Brunswick area know if the kiosks that sell the ‘fat cats’ or other ‘fat sandwiches’ are located in the vacinity of the new venue??? :frowning:

Yea you guys are thinking of the grease trucks on College Ave, well its about a 10 min drive there which makes you wonder if the drive would be worth it

hmmm… perhaps I shall swing by and pick one up as I exit the Rutgers vacinity for my 30 hour drive to Houston! :smiley:

I’ll walk that distance :stuck_out_tongue: They’re that good…and I don’t need a freaking coat! :smiley:

Those guys were good sandwich makers…but, where exactly is the “new” J&J? I don’t frequent New Brunswick, so if I could get a little enlightenment here, I’d appreciate it. Thanks guys.

The “new” J&J or RAC is right off of Route 18. It’s not that far from the indoor gym where the previous competitions have been held. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes away. From the website below, it looks like a really nice facility. Definitely a lot bigger. I’ve never been but a few of my friends have and they say its a nice place.

im a rutgers student and all too familiar with the grease truck sandwiches… i actually forced a non local friend to try one about an hour ago

i can give you directions to them from the RAC (where the j and j regional is being held this year)… but if you have a heart attack it is NOT my fault

rutgers has a nice bus system thats free and you can take it from the RAC to the grease trucks in about 20 minutes… unless its saturday then its more like an hour

pretty much hop on the L or LX bus and you will go right to the grease trucks
and hop on the same bus and it will take you right back

also, the RAC is much bigger, as has already been mentioned… its where the rutgers basketball team plays… theres a whole lot of room in the stands… its a good place to have a regional

i hope they sell stadium food there though because the rutgers campus it is on (livingston) has relatively small student center… only a cafe and sbarros and dunkin donuts