No More Teasers in 2007?

Don’t post your pile of AndyMark products…they’ve been posted in the past, nothing really new has changed…I personally like teasers where there’s some sort of clue, not just a bar with 1000 holes drilled into it, with bolts un the wazoo. A teaser would be say, an isometric view of your chassis/frame with no electronics, and all it’s appendages. I see both sides to this arguement, and I know that some rookie teams get excited and enthusiastic about their robot, but please…wait till week 5, and post a pic of your robot completed.

Just my own $.02 worth,


I’m going to have to agree with Beth, if the load is too hefty, add more moderators. There are 1000+ teams, even if teams limited to only a few teasers through out the whole season, thats still thousands pics. I understand its a tough load, but maybe you need to make a picture specific moderation group who just concentrate on pictures and their discusion.

I guess with the volume increase in years, traffic limitations may be needed and logical, but then again thats one of the biggest reasons I frequent Delphi during build season.

I am in full agreement with Madison on this one. Although many enjoy trying to make people “guess” what great thing their team has done, I have trouble seeing how that adds to the colaboration of teams which is what CD is most used for. Why make everyone wait until the regional? Anyone not at the regional won’t get to see it. If a team posts a full picture of their robot, drivetrain, arm, or mechanism in the 4th week how many other teams are going to completely ditch their own designs and copy what they saw in a picture? Very few.

I prefer spoilers to teasers. I make a point to check out the robot or part with my own eyes in the team’s pit or in a match. I would be unaware of that team if they did not post a spoiler in advance. I give little credit to teasers.

I don’t know about you, but rarely do we have any mechanism completed by week 4. Would you prefer we posted pictures after ship date? Where is the fun there? We might as well wait until regionals!

I also think this is becoming a symantic argument, when it shouldn’t even be an argument, period! … I never really thought this was an issue until it was brought up. This will always be an issue. We have a lot of younger students on here, many of whom still cannot differentiate between a good and a bad teaser… no harm there, we shouldn’t punish them for posting “useless” pictures. I would hope that those threads simply fade away due to the lack of responses. Do we really need 2 pages of discussion on what is a good and a bad teaser? It seems like everyone needs to voice their opinion these days and argue about it for days… it makes me want to read CD less and less. Opinions are great, but 40+ pages in some threads is ridiculous.

I am not sure if you noticed, but that thread I created was placed in the rumor mill for a reason. It sounds like you dislike the ‘fun’ factor that CD posseses… No offesne, but if I didn’t occasionally laugh, or have to stare at a random ‘teaser’ picture for a few minutes to figure out what the pic is of, I don’t think I would continue to read CD. That is just me though… yet another opinion to add to the pile.

Why post the completed robots in the first place? Answer is simple, it helps with scouting. You want to have some notes set up before the regional (or video notes) about various robots before you go and compete with/against them in regional or championship play.

From my personal experience all I can gain from just looking at a robot is what they intended to do. I’ve seen robots that look like elegant monuments to the art of engineering, yet fail miserably on the field, and robots with chicken wire and plastic bottles that make it to Einstein. While pictures may do a little good for scouting and getting a general idea of what other teams may be attempting to do, nothing beats actually watching teams.

I agree with that. While all of us are working hard on our robots, we also need to have fun. In recent times, CD has become less appealing. If certain teaser pictures are that bad, there is a close thread option and delete pic/thread option. I am sure they were designed so they can be used on correct occasions.

Perhaps it would be better to put the teasers in FIRSTr, while “teasers” that show the beginnings of the robot, in CD.


Yep thats what I suggested in the FIRSTr thread. I think that would be a good solution.

Often the silly teasers are due to new people who are very overwhelmed by the excitement of the build season and reading all of the attention lavished on the elites.
People live for acceptance from their peers and want them and their team to have the same acceptance lavished on their team as well. Even if it’s something that isn’t all that revoloutinary. It’s something they’ve never done before so it’s special to them just not to the rest of the FIRST community.
I don’t see how anyone is really going to control the “dumb teasers” without alienating people who are going to feel persecuted and censored. ]
The main use of Chiefdelphi is self expression of what FIRST means to you. Sometimes they are not good choices and are met with indifference to outright anger and dissaproval. It would be nice to protect people from their bad choices but not really feasable.
Dumb teasers are still going to happen whether we like them or not. Let’s not turn it into a Federal case and make CD a miserable place for the overenthusiatic who’s only crime was just not knowing better.

I thought I would bump this one because, well, it’s getting kind of rediculous again.:cool:
Please think twice before taking up disk space and bandwidth that ISN’T FREE, with something that really doesn’t benefit the community.

If you can’t post a complete picture or description for fear someone may copy your design or create a defense just for you, then please save it for Regionals. Besides, boasting is really not GP.

OK, I’m off my soap box. Please enjoy the rest of build season!!!

I think we should let the teasers be!

I get more enjoyment out of looking at a teaser picture that is partial or vague than I do looking at a post or thread which complains about them, or seeing the thousands of identical racks that FIRST teams have made. Teasers are are different. They are a break from the monotony of usual CD discussion. You show me 24 sprockets, and I can exercise my brain by trying to figure out what they are for.

The 100kb that it takes for a teaser picture really isn’t going to hurt the CD server, as that is what it was designed for… hosting lots and lots of pictures.

If the moderators thought it was good enough to post, then I think we all should.

Just because somebody is excited about something and posts it (even if it’s just a teaser) doesn’t mean that they’re boasting. Couldn’t they just be proud? Is that something we want to discourage?

This is important to remember. CD-Media is not as free as the forums… pictures require approval before being posted. If the moderators are being overwhelmed with bad pictures, then that’s the time to plea to the community. (This was what Madison was trying to head off, I think.) If you are offended by the quality of the pictures that are actually showing up on CD-Media, then it’s probably something that you should take up in private with the moderators.

I thought I would resurrect this thread as it is pertinent.
I just saw a piece of aluminum with 2 holes drilled in it and 36" written on it. Whoever it was, don’t take offense, I just mean it to constructive critisism. If you do, I appoligize.
All these teasers must be approved by the moderators and they have a lot work to do on this site
Please see post #1 for good and bad examples.
I like teasers too but PLEASE make them interesting or funny :smiley:

Since teaser pictures have already started to pop up, I thought I bring back this thread yet again.
There are many good examples and points brought up here that are still valid.
Happy build season!

Meh, I’ll just go with the same policy I’ve always had with teasers and continue to ignore them.
They can get back to me when you have something I’m actually interested in: a working robot.

…for this year and not 2007…


Aye. teasers be damned