No Network Adapter

So our team has been struggling setting up the wireless connection between the classmate and the cRIO. For some reason or another, now there is no network adapter to connect to or change the ip address of. When I try to troubleshoot it, it says windows does not detect a properly installed network adapter. Does anyone know where to find the driver we need to reinstall? Or how to set up another network adapter?

Do you mean the Classmate wireless network adapter?
Is it turned on (function key+F1)?

Are you talking about the DLink access point?

Pretty much there is no network adapter anywhere on the computer. When we hook it up to the dlink it doesn’t connect because there is no driver for the network adapter.

Is this the way the Classmate came out of the box or did you reimage it at some time with the KOP USB restore stick?

So the wired Ethernet port doesn’t appear as Local Area LAN?

It was working fine a couple days ago. Like we could connect to the dlink when connected directly with an ethernet cable butnow for some reason we can’t connect to anything.

“So the wired Ethernet port doesn’t appear as Local Area LAN?”
That’s right. Nothing appears

Intresting… all that had to be done was restart the laptop… technology is stupid haha. thanks mark.

Now we just need to get the stupid dlink to work wirelessly…

When in doubt, reboot it…

For the wired network connection to appear in Windows 7 apparently you must have a router connected to the ClassMate. Otherwise you don’t see the Local Area Connection at all. Similarly, to create a wireless connection there must be wireless networks in the area and you must also have turned on the Classmate’s wireless networking using function key + F1. This took me quite a while to understand.

Some non-rookie teams like ours will also run into another problem when trying to assign an IP address of 10.xx.yy.5 to a new wireless conection on the Classmate: even though the old wired connection is not shown, it still has 10.xx.yy.5 stored as the IP address of the Classmate. An error message tells you this when you try to create the wireless connection using the same address - unless you first power up the router, connect it to the Classmate and change the IP address in the wired connection to something else, such as 10.xx.yy.15. Once this was done I could create the wireless network connection and give it the needed 10.xx.yy.5 static IP (using v4 TCP/IP, not v6).

Finally, since all this configuration work was done under the Developer account on the Classmate, I needed to check the ‘automatically connect at start up’ checkbox of the new wireless connection in order to allow the Classmate to stay connected when I switched to the Driver account.

The wireless IP can (should?) be set to 10.xx.yy.9 instead. I haven’t found any official documentation stating this, but it’s been confirmed by people who know how the Driver Station is intended to work.