no ntcore in path

I am making a vision program that i am going to be releasing very soon, but there is one problem…networktables will not find the native class to run. I added it to the build path and opencv works but network tables does not?? is there a special .jar for the 3.0 with ntcore?

What platform are you attempting to run on? The NetworkTables jar we distribute with the plugins only runs on the roboRIO. If you want to run on the desktop, you can use Maven-style dependencies to grab the desktop version. See the ScreenSteps here, you’ll want the artifact.

Thank you, that is what i was looking for, will update once i try it!

now it cant connect…i wrote a test program and a server program…it seems to not be connecting, what should i set the ip to?

That depends on your setup. For the client, you need to enter the IP of the server.