No official FIRST game hint yet??

No 70’s song lyrics yet???

No math formula’s yet???

What’s up with that???

When is the official game hint going to be given out this year??
Or is there even going to be one??

Didn’t you hear? After 2004, they aren’t having a new game anymore. :wink:

I’ve searched through all lavery’s recent posts and nothing comes to mind…the only trend is that he has been using links alot lately, although that could just be to due to offseason boredom. Maybe the game has something to do with linking the robots to a part of the field, or to be more difficult, to each other? But past that, nothing really jumps out at me.

Yah, I’ve been wondering myself, although there was this one. Maybe Dave’s getting worried we’re getting too good at deciphering his clues.
Personally last year, those clues had me thinking BIG stairs. The Vmax thing had me thinking we’d be shooting something up but had to control the speed. Then the stairway to heaven just verified that Dave was a hippy.
So now he’s using philosophy related to dessert, and then left it at that… I hope he’s not going to turn FIRST into a donut eating contest :ahh:

Back in the old days, we didn’t have clues, and we liked it!

…and we pushed our robots uphill to the field. Both ways! And we didn’t have any of those fancy motorized carts!

That was only 2 seasons ago in Texas :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe the hints are just so subtle they don’t yet exist!

here is some good reading on the topic:

Don’t forget the time we had to do it in the snow too!!

And in our bare feet!

there was an easy way to solve that just tie freshmen to your feet…

Don’t you remember when we didn’t have a roof over our heads? Spectators, that is.

(First Years at Epcot)

Hey I loved the non-roof stadium at Epcot, it was nice to just go and sit in at times.

Another thing that has surprised me is that we haven’t had one of those “inside info” rumor threads or “I saw a truck from this company that makes this product outside of FIRST Place” or “I was at Denny’s and Dean and some guys were sketching on napkins and I was able to see…” threads.

I’m not saying we should start some but in previous years we have had those by now. So far this year, everyone has individual proposals of what they want the game to be like but we don’t have one unified direction of what everyone thinks the game will entail.

Actually, the hint has been their the whole time. There will be no competition this year. This is made apparent by the fact that the hint has been that there’s no hint.

If I were looking for a clue, I would be looking to John Neun. But that is just me.


Hey! that was my fourth post of the day! Woohoo!

We have to build robots for a JVN a look alike contest this year?!

You know, “Neun” sounds a lot like “Noon.” And N is standard notation for north.

Perhaps FIRST is borrowing from OCCRA and is bringing in the arrow idea?

He DIDN’T say John **V-**Neun. :wink:

Yup… yet another example of an arrow shape! “V”
I think Billfred is onto something here. :yikes: