No Official Match Results For Week One - Yet

Does anyone know why there are no official match results out yet? I know that FIRST recently changed to this website ( for tracking events districts etc, but why are there not match results and for some events no online schedule?

It’s a very weird situation because the rankings pages all seem to be working.


Ok, that makes sense. But the link is basically dead: no info is on it.

Also does anyone know the timetable for the fix?

Try this one then.

The FRC API has been broken all day.

Doesn’t sound like even [i]FIRST does.

  1. I posted a screencap of the thread in this post. No updates from anybody from FIRST since then…
  2. Nope. Hopefully soon…

Wow, I’ve posted a lot on this today. This is why we can’t have nice things…

Thanks for rhe screenshot and status update. I hope this thread serves as a place where the disscusion can be centralized.

Things appear to have gotten worse since yesterday. Today, their API server seems to be timing out entirely - meaning it could be completely offline. Yesterday at least we were getting some rankings data from time to time.