No one responds on CD-Swap

I’ve been looking for FP motors and Globe motors on CD-Swap, I have PMed several people who were offering either or both of the motors and no one has responded (I have been very tempted to give them negative feedback). It is incredibly frustrating for me because someone is too lazy to PM me saying “I sold the motors” or “Let’s do a deal”, and I’m sitting on my hands waiting to hear back. If you posted an item I think you should be responsible for replying to any messages you receive regarding your post. In addition I think that you should have to take down a post if you have sold what you have.Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone else agree with me?

I guess this is a petition of sorts to request some things be changed in CD-Swap. Feel free to leave your opinion, regardless of what it is.

Yes, by all means please give feedback relativeto cd swap.
This was added at the request of a member and feedback that followed from several others.
It is the first year that we have tried it, and if it isn’t working we would like to know so it can either be fixed or removed.
Sorry about your frustrations - we will have to give more thought to how we expected it to work. We assumed that those that posted would communicate as required in order to make the deals - we didn’t expect to have to moderate and manage communication between the 2 parties.

Timing is everything. many persons are either on vacation, out of school, off work or are or traveling to events.

I am sure this is part of the issues you are facing.

Like Mike A said this is somewhat of an experiment to see if it fills a need in the FIRST Community.

on the good side of things i have received responses from some people. the one thing i would recommend is a shorter time length for postings

The rules already do ask that you delete your post if the item is gone.

Once your trade is complete, we ask that you delete your posting, so that the content stays fresh.

As far as communication, how long did you give each person. Did you try any communication methods besides PM. Depending on how much time the person spends on chiefdelphi (or whether their popup blocker is blocking the PM notification) they may not see that they have a PM for quite some time. E-mail might be better. Also, if you look in the person’s profile, they will often have a AIM or MSN or other service screename.

Also, remember that CD-Swap is not Ebay, the person isn’t under any obligation to sell/trade with you. It’s more like your local newspaper’s classified ads.

i got 2 FP motors that we can probally trade you… .

both 2005 first legal. . i email him …

I have waited between two and three weeks for responses… I did not try other contact methods. It seemed logical that if someone posted an item they would montior their CD accont closely.

  1. What seems logical to you will seem strange to someone else.
    2.Never assume that someone else will do the logical thing.

If you go to far with that logic, you might end up with this .