No outputs after image update

Sorry if this topic has already been covered, but here goes…

After realizing today that our robot was still running on an older version of the FRC labview extension (like 2.0) and cRio image (v1), I went ahead and updated them both. Too bad, now nothing works. I created a new project though the basic robot example and changed it to a tank drive. When I deploy the program, probes will show that the joysticks are being read, but the robot does absolutely nothing.

Anyone know the answer? In the mean time, I’m going back to pulling out my hair…I mean debugging

EDIT: Tried reimaging again, plugged through the router. Now it won’t let me reimage with the unexpected error 15426, something about ftp transaction and 426 connection timed out. Happens after it gets to the updating cRio image step

EDIT2: Apparently the IP got reset to somehow and we got the subnet error as from the above thread. Trying again with appropriately set IPs

You also need to update your driver station firmware when you update your cRIO to the latest version.

I have the most recent driver station firmware. I got the thing to update after messing around with where things were plugged in, but it still doesn’t work. Note that the joysticks are being read correctly and should be passed into the “tank drive” function, but there is no motor movement. The driver station is fine: the cRIO isn’t so much.